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There are three options for onsite dining

PS Ristorante

A restaurant with its own personality that shows it in

every space, not only in the food but the experience as a whole. A

restaurant, worthy of a Michelin star, led by Chef Stefano Pinciaroli.

Purposeful and innovative food that takes up the cuisine of the Tuscan region.

Osteria di Golpaja

The Osteria di Golpaja is a characteristic restaurant that represents

Tuscany in its true essence. It is here that you

can savor the real Tuscany as it once was, like that of our ancestors;

authentic and direct with strong but delicious flavors just like our hilly


Bottega Botanic Bar

Bottega Botanic Bar in Villa Petriolo is a mix ideal for special aperitifs that leave their mark. Everything here is hyper local because we believe in joining forces with the best local producers in our wonderful area.

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Villa Petriolo has always stood out for its wine production and its vast vineyards. It is an opportunity to learn about our land, heritage, and history through the tasting of our wines.


Discover the guided tasting with a Sommelier at Villa Petriolo; A walking tour of the property; a Luxury Picnic; Truffle Hunting; a Pasta/Pizza Cooking Class; a Medici Cooking Class; an E-Bike Adventure; Horse Ride through the Tuscan Hills.

Our experiences are available from Mondays to

Saturdays except for the Cooking class which is from

Mondays to Fridays only in the morning. On Sundays our

experiences are not available for bookings except for the

E-bike, Horse Ride, Falcon Trainer and Helicopter which

are done by local associations.

To book an experience, please reach out to after your room has been booked.

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